Thanks candidates for a peaceful ending

What a difference an election made.

Last week, so many people were at wit’s end as to which candidate not to vote for.

Then suddenly, the loser in the race came across with nice words that signaled her defeat and offer for collaboration in contribution to our great country. Hillary was gracious in presenting her peaceful concession. And Donald replied in somber tones that he admired her, finally, and indicated they would have a positive transition for the benefit of our country.

And now we are on our way to making “America great again,” we hope. Such a change in attitude has never followed an election in the United States.

It was a great ending to a fiery battle that brought animosity, and some violence, to much of our country. It was an ending that came soon enough to most of our people.

Among the finales in the election after Trump was named the winner were that he will still build a wall but maybe they could be fences in some areas instead. Also he will not seek prosecution of Hillary for crookedness as he said he would in the campaign. “I don’t want to hurt Hillary.”

Trump said he will support pro-life judges to add to the U. S. Supreme Court. He emphasized he would try to bring the country together in spite of the divisions that developed.

He also pointed out that he would not work for the Federal Bureau of Investigation director’s resignation though the director’s statements hurt Trump in the end. “I like the FBI a lot,” he emphasized.

What a change in political attitudes we witnessed in the ending of the 2016 presidential election. It was quite different from what we expected after the torrid campaign that preceded it.

And as news of the election results became better known, the Trump camp became even pleasanter and hopefully it will continue in that direction and what we thought was a nation going sour would continue to be the greatest nation in the world.

Thanks to Donald and Hillary for their graceful finale to one of the nastiest elections of the century. May it never happen again.


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