Politics needs to get nice

The campaign for president of the United States has never been so negative as the one this year.

The two leading candidates have had only bad words to say about each other, but much of their time could certainly have been better used as Americans prepared to cast their votes.

Of course, politics can be that way, but not usually as brutal as this contest has been.

We don’t necessarily want to know how poorly the candidates’ opponents will represent us, but rather how well the candidates who are speaking themselves can serve the nation.As we reflect on one of the most contentious presidential races in U.S. history, it’s clear that politicians should limit how time they spend criticizing opponents and emphasizing the great future they offer their area.

Maybe the political parties should start their campaigns by stressing the positive things they are planning to do for their country, state or parish, and single out what they will try to correct in government.

Candidates should also occasionally say something nice about those running against them. It will make their opponents appreciate it and put their audience at ease. And when good words flow when one is not expecting it, candidates on both sides of the aisle will appreciate it and our country becomes more peaceful.

So we believe politicians should be nice guys and girls. They should talk pleasantly at their rallies and doing debates. They should offer hope of a better government and future to those listening and pledge their cooperation with their opponents when needed.

They should make their speeches entertaining and informative, not insulting, and let the listeners appreciate what is said.

We have heard very little of that from the two main presidential opponents. It hasn’t been what they have done wrong and even to the extent that they have been crooked in the past. Though one has accused the other of having been that way.

Hopefully, political speeches will be more uplifting in the future. And by making them so, candidates will be doing the people they represent a service that will be worthwhile by making governmental service by politicians all the more effective for a better government.


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