Races work together in St. Charles

Recent observance of the 200th anniversary of the 1811 slave revolt here and our continued celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a march and rally on River Road show the respect for freedom of the races in St. Charles Parish.

Though the revolt was not long-lasting, it helped set the stage for restoring the freedom of an enslaved race. And the annual procession along our great river continues to show promise that we will never revert into such inhuman restrictions on our people again.

Our parish has a wonderful blend of races and nationalities that have benefitted us in many ways. They have truly worked together in helping to create the parish of plenty.

Public turning against abortion

When  a live human being is murdered, it offends the entire populace. We have seen an example of this recently in the shooting in Arizona.

Why shouldn’t the murder of a living human fetus in abortions offend likewise?

The President of our country should take more of a centrist position on national issues and let Congress have more power to pass issues in accordance with the wishes of their constituencies.

Opposition to abortion has increased in recent years and now it seems that the majority of Americans oppose the killing of unborn humans, something which our administration and legislature in Washington have failed to do. In addition, 29 governors are now considered to be strongly anti-abortion. Only 21 opposed it last year. And both legislatures and governors in 15 states now oppose abortion, compared with 10 last year.

All of this seems to indicate that legal abortion will be minimized and perhaps on its way out in the future. Which is for the betterment of the country and the future humans created at conception so they will not have to suffer the same torture as the 50 million infants put to death while still in the womb since Woe vs. Wade legalized it many years ago.


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