Patio homes is good idea

St. Charles is mostly a rural parish but much of our rural areas are wetlands where residences cannot be built. To conserve space in subdivisions and allow residents to acquire homes at less price, the parish council is considering establishing zoning classifications to allow smaller lots. The category would be for patio homes and would permit residences being built on lots as small as 3,600 square feet. Single family residences at present require 6,000 square feet.

Since Hurricane Katrina, the parish population has grown a great deal and undoubtedly will continue to do so. Because of that, the designation of patio homes to make best use of our high ground seems like a good idea. If all of the non-wetlands in St. Charles were developed, we would still have 80 percent of the parish undeveloped. This should give our residents plenty of opportunities to explore the open spaces.

After all, many people do not want to cut a lot of grass and spend a lot of time keeping up yards. For them, patio homes seems like a good idea.

Tax cuts gives government money away?

It’s rather comical that some people think cutting taxes amounts to giving away the federal government’s money. That is the way many liberals put it.

When a person works and earns money, it, first of all, is his money. When the government taxes it and takes some of it away, it is supposed to be for the public good.

Too often, however, it is not put to good use. We have seen many incidents of that during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Congress was right in extending the tax cuts put into effect by the Bush administration. By letting people keep more of their hard earned money, we are allowing them to spend more for their own needs and for investment in the economy. As the economy grows, it provides people more and better paying jobs, something the government cannot do. And with those jobs, we are creating more people who can also invest in and help build the economy.

It’s called private enterprise, which is far more able to provide for people’s needs than government enterprise. The public sector proved long ago with the demise of communism that it could not compete with the private sector in providing the needs of people.

The profit motive guides the private sector to produce well and abundantly. There is no such motive guiding the public sector.

The American economy has grown since tax cuts have been put into place and will continue to grow as long as they are retained. If that amounts to giving away the government’s money, then so be it.


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