Ochsner partners with local organizations and businesses to re-open safely

Ochsner Health has been on the frontlines of the pandemic response, caring for many of Louisiana’s COVID-19 patients. While the COVID-19 fight is not done, Ochsner officials said Ochsner has a responsibility to help its communities stay healthy and safe – which includes equipping business owners with the tools and resources they need to welcome back their employees and customers. […]


Understanding your cancer diagnosis

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be difficult, and it’s natural to have several questions about the changes it may bring for you and your loved ones. As the patient, you are as much a key part of your cancer care team as the medical providers who will be treating you, so it’s important to ask as many questions as you need in order to understand your diagnosis and your options as fully as possible. […]


Stay Heart-Healthy this Holiday Season

The holidays are here. It’s the time of year when many indulge in the season… and slack on maintaining their health. More people have heart attacks in December and January than any other month of the year due to excessive alcohol, lack of exercise and food over consumption – all hallmarks of the holiday season. […]