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Some early satsuma varieties are showing orange already but mid-October marks the beginning of citrus season for most. ‘Brown’s Select’ should be ready this month, followed by ‘Owari,’ the two constituting probably our two most common varieties of surely our most common backyard species. […]

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Ready, Set, Grow! – January 10, 2019

I like some mums and I cannot lie. We often purchase chrysanthemums (“mums”) as potted plants to give a little short-term color to fall displays. But once the blooms fade, do we toss them? Leave them? I say we should pull them up quickly to retrieve them! They’re actually perennials (plants that live for many years) and many can be taken out of their pots and grown in the landscape. […]

Agriculture / Horticulture

Cucumber family provides many favorite vegetables

The cucumber family, properly known as the Cucurbitaceae (cu-cur-bit-A-cee-ee), provides a wide variety of vegetables popular for the spring, summer and fall home vegetable garden. Members of the cucumber family (cucurbits) that can be planted now and into April include summer squash, zucchini, winter squash, mirliton (south Louisiana), pumpkin, gourd, cucuzzi, watermelon, cantaloupe, cushaw, luffa and, of course, cucumber. […]