Sac-a-lait bite on in Des Allemands

Rising temperatures have led to large catches of sac-a-lait in Des Allemands.

On Sunday, with temperatures hovering in the low to mid 60s, my son Hunter and I found a canal in Des Allemands with clear water. Hunter began throwing a watermelon/red fluke and I threw a black/chartreuse mini jig under a cork. Hunter caught small bass around submerged stumps and logs, while I was catching sac-a-lait on the edge of the grass line along the shoreline.

I switched over to a black/chartreuse mini-jig with a #1 gold spinner, using a cast and slow retrieve. I began catching sac-a-lait in the middle of the canal. We finished the day with a good catch of fish.

The following day, Otis Taylor and I returned to the same canal. What difference a day makes. With constant southwest winds, the water levels were higher.

“These fish are all over the place. When you catch one, you will catch another nearby.” Rodney Deshotel, from New Sarpy, told us.

Our goal was to catch 12 sac-a-lait, and we started out by throwing black/chartreuse mini jigs under a cork. Soon Otis switched to a black/chartreuse tripletail mini-jig under a cork and began putting sac-a-lait in the boat.

It didn’t take me long to switch over to the tripletail. At 4:30pm, we began catching one sac-a-lait after another. The water temperature had risen to 66 degrees and the overcast sky combined to give us perfect fishing conditions.

“This is one of those magical moments when the conditions are right and we are catching sac-a-laits. Many fishermen dream about what we are doing right now!” Otis said.

We finished the afternoon with 38 sac-a-laits and had a great time.

Good locations for sac-a-lait: the Lake Boeuf area, Knights Bay, Stump Canal, Humble in the Lake, Providence Canal, Penrod, Humble in the Bayou, Mecham Canal, Amerada Canal, North Canal, The Fence, and the Barrow Canal at Pier 90.

Best bait for sac-a-lait: blue/white, blue/chartreuse, red/white, black/white, black/chartreuse mini-jigs under a cork, 1/32 ounce pearl swim baits, any min-jig rigged with a #1 gold spinner cast and retrieve.

For bass: use watermelon/red fluke, watermelon/red baby brush hog, white/chartreuse Booyah spinner bait, and a green/red belly Spro frog.


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