Hahnville clips East St. John

Lumar scores 21 in the victory

Hahnville Tigers took a victory over East St. John Wildcats with 66-63 in overtime on Friday night at the Wildcats Stadium. Hahnville Tigers edged the Wildcats in the 1st quarter, but took a 10 point lead in the second quarter. Both teams played hard and rough defense, but Hahnville Tigers had the better offense in the 1st half.

Leading the Tigers were Reginald Lumar, who scored 21 points and Brian Singleton, who scored 17 points. The Wildcats played hard in the second half. Unlike the 1st half, the Tigers played sloppy letting the Wildcats get the lead by 6 points. Tiger’s Brian Singleton was very strong on defense. Reginald Lumar, scored the points to keep the Tigers up. Kentrell Lockette, of the Tigers fouled Trenton Marshall, of the Wildcats with 11.1 seconds left in the game. This tied the score in the 4th quarter at 57-57 in overtime.

Trenton Marshall, a junior at East St. John High played tough against the Tigers scoring 21 points, but took a devastating lost. East St. John’s Coach, Charles Gulien said, “It was a heart wrenching loss. We had a chance to beat Hahnville, who is one of the best teams in the District, but we had too many turnovers.” He also stating, “The boys played hard and I am proud of them because I have a young team this year.” Hahnville took a very rough victory over East St. John in overtime. Within a 4 minute overtime, the game stayed tied up until Brian Singleton stole the ball and made a 2 point shot. With Reginald Lumar’s free throw the Tigers ended the game with a win of 66-63.

Hahnville’s Coach, Brian Lumar said, “We are the only team that is undefeated right now, we’re 5-0. It was a great game for the team and the boys never gave up. Reginald Lumar played hard and relentless. This was what I believe is his best game this season. We knew East St. John was tough but we came out ready.”


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