Rub the moose for good luck – the New Orleans Saints do

Trina Williams and Marylin Dubois hold Lucky Moosy - the driver’s license office unofficial Saints mascot.

Wooden statue has helped football team to one of the best records in the NFL – can the big guy help you, too?

If you ask St. Charles parish Driver’s License Bureau manager Pam Pitre, she’ll tell you the real reason the New Orleans Saints are winning. His name is “Lucky Moosey.”

“Ever since I got the Saints rubbing Moosey’s nose, they’ve been winning,” says Pitre, who is sure the Saints 5-1 record is no mere coincidence.

It all started when cornerback Fred Thomas walked in a few weeks ago to get his Louisiana license. Pitre persuaded him to rub Moosey’s nose, and the Saints won their next game.

Since that time, Pitre “has her radar up” and whenever an unsuspecting Saints player meanders through the doors of the license bureau, they get introduced to their biggest wooden fan – Lucky Moosey.

The bureau office is filled with Saints memorabilia including a signed stick that Pitre has persuaded the pro football players to sign over the years.

Speaking of celebrities, there’s also the Pete Fountain poster the great Clarinetist personally gave the office on his last visit.

“No matter who you are – eventually you are coming here,” said Pitre.

And when you do, be sure to give Pitre’s Lucky Moosey a pat on the nose. And if you’re a Saints player, don’t for get to sign her Saints’ stick – it’s got autographs all over it.


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