Sheriff’s Reports 12-8-2022

Suspects are innocent until proved guilty in a court of law.

• Kennworth Reeves, 61, of 2325 Forrest Club Drive in Orlando, was arrested Dec. 2 and charged with residential contractor fraud (two counts).

• Jordan Landry, 26, of 445 North Oaks Street in Lockport, was arrested Dec. 4 and charged with DWI, possession of firearm/carry concealed weapon by convicted felon, possession of/dealing in firearms with obliterated number/mark, traffic and possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia. He had an attachment.

• Craig Lee, 43, of 800 Paul Frederick Street in Luling, was arrested Dec. 1 and charged with aggravated second-degree battery.

• Jade Ledet, 21, of 306 2nd Street in Bayou Gauche, was arrested Dec. 2 and charged with DWI, distribution of marijuana, possession with intent to distribute marijuana, reckless operation without accident, possession or distribution of drug paraphernalia and transactions involving proceeds from CDS activity.


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