The growth is coming – ready or not

St. Charles Parish’s growth is proving impressive and much welcomed, although the worry is constant that it could change the area’s laid-back lifestyle.

It’s a worry that others most certainly wished they had at a time when losing jobs is the greater worry for many areas of Louisiana with the downturn in the petroleum industry.

The economic rollover effect of this kind of investment promises growth in jobs and up to $17 million in additional payroll a year, but also in stature for the parish and the state of Louisiana in its ability to attract major business expansion.

It also secures hundreds of existing jobs in the parish, which is further good news.

As Monsanto Co. moves ahead with its nearly $1 billion project to retool it’s manufacturing complex in Luling to make dicamba, more than 1,000 jobs will open up in construction beginning in January.

Another 1,000 jobs could be created in the community from the parish.

Targeted to be completed by late 2019, the expansion will provide up to 110 permanent plant jobs and opportunities for another 20 contractors on the site.

Company representatives say the site work will be so extensive that they’re already asking the community to please be patient with their progress.

No problem – at least for the many people looking for work.The parish is home to many energy and petrochemical companies, which is part of its diversification into transportation, alternative fuels and tech companies.

St. Charles Parish’s workforce, excellent school system and readily available materials for manufacturing make it an attractive place to do business.

Monsanto ranks among the area’s largest corporations. It’s expansion into making dicamba, a key ingredient in its herbicide – Roundup Ready Xtend Crop System – will be added anchor to the company’s presence in the area.

Company representatives also say public information sessions will be held to update residents on the project.

Also, the expansion fits well considering Gov. John Bel Edwards calls agribusiness and chemistry “two of the most important business sectors in our state.” And, most definitely, Edwards emphasized Monsanto’s investment strengthens each of these industries.

As announcements of the magnitude of Monsanto’s continue, St. Charles Parish’s anticipated growth in the chemistry and agribusiness industries is certainly promising.


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