Removal of Berlin Wall one of most significant developments in history

Twenty-five years ago, one of the most significant developments in world history occurred. It was the reuniting of the east and the west along the Berlin Wall in Germany where a line had been drawn to separate communism and democracy.

The communists, of course, had planned to take over the entire world and have it ruled by communist dictatorships. Russia was the force behind that effort.

World War II had already divided Europe into two entities – one led by the communist leaders in the east, mainly Russia, and the democratic countries such as the United States, England and France in the west. They fought side-by-side to bring defeat to the Nazis in Germany in World War II. But when the war was over, there were still two sides, Russia and the communists on one and the freedom-loving countries on the other.

But as the war died down, the Russians sought to rule the world with communism. The freedom-loving countries, however, did not accept it.

Our resistance brought out the love of freedom by many Russians and communists themselves. After so many years in which they were ruled without any input into the decisions to be made, they started to adopt a different attitude. It was enough to allow people in even the communist-led countries to have expression as to how they should live.

But as a semblance of their separation, the communists constructed a wall across Berlin in 1961. It was stretched for 28 miles around West Berlin to separate it from the rest of east Germany.

Then along came President Ronald Reagan, who helped quicken the wall’s destruction. After the wall fell, so did the separation that divided the east and west into different social and political entities.

Today, there are still differences in the way people of the world live and govern and that is understandable. We have independent minds and the ability to choose what is right and wrong.

The world is not together yet in thought and beliefs, but we must let it exist peacefully regardless of any differences.That is why people of the world should have the independence to choose what is right and wrong, and which way we should go.

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