It’s time to vote on Saturday, again

St. Charles Parish has the second of three elections in a very short period of time this Saturday. Unfortunately, that will not produce a very large turnout.

In fact, fewer than 20 percent of eligible voters are expected to exercise their democratic rights. That is somewhat of an insult to our manner of providing our citizens the right to choose their leaders.

At any rate, it will take a while to reform our system of elections to provide better turnouts. That, hopefully, can be done in the future by returning all elections to open primaries and consolidating our elections into fewer days of the year and make them major events so our people will pay more attention to them and exercise their rights more.

On Saturday’s ballot will be a primary runoff for U. S. representative for the 3rd Congressional District, open primaries for lieutenant governor of Louisiana, a public service commission seat for District 3 and a seat on the parish School Board. Three property taxes for libraries, the E-911 system and roadway lighting will also be voted on.

On Dec. 2, the third election day of this cycle will determine winners of the general election for U. S. Representative for the 3rd District and lieutenant governor of the state.

Thankfully, party primaries will be a thing of the past after these three elections in Louisiana which will revert to an entirely open primary system. Meanwhile, this Saturday and on Dec. 2, do your duty and vote.


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