Hurricane season is straight ahead

The Atlantic hurricane season for 2014, which begins Sunday, is predicted to be almost average.
That means almost nothing.

It only takes one big blow which exceeds the bounds predicted to upset the applecart. We have to be sure that the applecart is in proper order so, when that exception occurs, we are prepared.

El Nino is the big factor when it comes to how fast the wind blows and the sea climbs during the big destructive season that threatens us each year. It is the major climate factor that warms the waters of the Pacific Ocean, which then provides excessive wind shear over the tropical Atlantic Ocean.

This year is expected to bring eight to 13 named storms and three to six could become hurricanes. That could produce three to five storms with winds greater than 100 miles per hour.

That does not sound like a very active season but the problem is that it only takes one such strike to be a deadly blow to southeast Louisiana and other areas routinely in the path of hurricanes. Regardless of the predictions, we must get prepared for the possibility of a major strike this season.

Beginning this week, we should get set for the possibility of the worst happening here.

A hurricane kit is necessary to prepare for such an emergency. That would include food and water, medicines and any other needs that would apply to individuals. Evacuation plans are necessary and just about everyone in hurricane country has been through at least one, so they should be familiar with the procedures that apply to them.

Where to go will depend upon which way the storm will move after striking us, so more than one evacuation route should be planned.

There are many other preparations that should be made and now is the time to do it. Most of us have done it before so it should be common place. Don’t wait because the time for preparation is here.

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