Dave Treen was an exemplary governor

He was the first of his kind since reconstruction. He wouldn’t give up after many defeats in the political arena.

He broke through the barriers of a one-party state and became Louisiana’s first Republican governor in more than 100 years. And when he won, he stepped right in as though it was nothing unusual. He was always for the good of the state, not for his party or himself.

Former Gov. Dave Treen died last week at the age of 81. No one ever cast a bad light on his honesty or integrity.
He was a politician, no doubt, but he worked it as an honorable profession, one that could do great things for Louisiana. We don’t recall hearing anything derogatory about Treen, even from his enemies.

He was a conservative but it did not get in his way of seeing good things in both directions. He brought much to our state, such as giving teachers incentive pay for their professional improvement and the start of a Department of Environmental Quality to keep pollution under control. There was no place for unethical procedures in his administration. He lost in one major effort to tax oil companies in bringing offshore oil through the state which possibly could have helped restoration of our coast which the industry helped destroy.

Dave Treen should be remembered as one of our greatest governors. He held the values we should want in all of our public officials.


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