Community Education can benefit many

If you’ve already graduated from high school and even college, there is still opportunity to gain new educational benefits in St. Charles Parish through the Community Education program.

Classes begin on Sept. 22 but the official deadline for registration is Aug. 29, so hurry.

You can register on the St. Charles Parish Public Schools website at or at the main reception desk at the School Board Office, located at 13855 River Road in Luling.

Community Education has been a concept in practice in St. Charles for many years and has proven to be highly successful. It is designed for many purposes but mainly for those who want to advance their educations in many fields. It can be used for advancing talents in sideline jobs or even to gain the skills to lead productive and meaningful lives as citizens in our changing society.

Judging from the titles of some courses, there are many types of additional education available to the people that could become useful in their everyday lives, even offering monetary benefits. Others can improve on their style of living. Take, for example, the following classes included in this year’s program:

Substitute school bus driver information session – This could provide a sideline career that would bring some families additional income.

Steps to self publishing – This would let you pen your thoughts on paper to share with the world.

4-H performing arts –  St. Charles Parish 4-H Performing Arts Club offers youths from 4th to 12th grade the opportunity to explore their creative side through musical selections, dance routines, skits and much more.

Microsoft power point for beginners – Students will learn how to create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch.Cookin’ Cajun – What better way to learn how to cook than the Cajun way. Students could end up in the restaurant business and benefit from the great Louisiana restaurant industry.

If you have the time and are interested, take advantage of it. Residents can learn a lot from the Community Education program in St. Charles, and they can have a lot of fun doing it.

With one of the best school systems in the state, St. Charles has for many years offered this program as a secondary educational benefit of living here. Enjoy it and take advantage of its many benefits.


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