World needs a major workover

The world is different in this century, to say the least.

In the twentieth century, we were confronted by strong countries of Nazis, fascists and communists that wanted to take over the rest of us for their own purposes.

This century, we have the mid-east crisis which could be as bad or worse. But it does not have the corps of powerful countries with desires to run the world. It does, however, have rebel groups who want to have their freedom to act as they wish regardless of any ill effects their actions may have on others.

Whether we are better off or not remains to be seen. But there is one thing for certain – the world does not seem one bit better off than it was in the middle of the twentieth century.

We have become a world with groups of people who care not what the rest of the world wants. They want their own way of running things.

We need to have a United Nations, or other controlling factors, that enforce freedom for all citizens to have the rights to live their own lives the way they wish so long as it does not interfere with the way others wish to live.

The answer to all of this is strong leadership in the right direction. That leadership must have a force behind it that can enforce the rules, but those rules must be lenient enough not to intrude too much on the way other people want to live.

We thought we had that when the League of Nations was formed after World War I and with the United Nations after World War II.

But we didn’t. Now we need to put some muscle into the United Nations, make it more effective in calming strife around the globe and keep the world in a peaceful existence that will allow its pleasant survival.

With our intelligence and perseverance, we should be able to accomplish this. Of course we in the U. S. need to engage other countries in the process. And many others that look forward to a prosperous future should be agreeable to it.

If we can accomplish that task and truly make this world a “one world” concept, we will have created a paradise that will end the bloodshed and suffering that this planet has suffered so far in the 21st century.


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