Big happenings at Grand Isle

There are big happenings going on south of St. Charles Parish this week We’re talking about the annual Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo, the oldest fishing rodeo in the United States.

It starts today and ends Saturday when the prizes are awarded and the big party comes to a climax. But don’t go and think you’ll have free reign of the island.

The only through road, La. Hwy. 1, is usually clogged with traffic with one vehicle after the other. Winning fish will be on display but it will be at the end of that road where the rodeo headquarters is located.

The best way to travel from one end of the island to the other is by boat. Many people have imported golf carts that can get places on the road shoulders.

There will be parties galore on and off the boats chasing the fish. Most of the people there are from Louisiana but there are many from other areas that realize Grand Isle is one of the greatest sport fishing spots in the country.

Incidentally, after the rodeo you’ll have to pay to go to Grand Isle by car. A toll goes into effect next week to cross the new bridge in Leeville southward.

The toll for visitors will be $2.50 and will allow a free return. Residents will pay only 50 cents.


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