Year 1: ‘Big Baby’ is size of a 2-year-old

Loialty’s favorite food is … everything

Weighing in at 31 pounds, Loialty Adonis Hunter-Grover of “big baby” fame just celebrated his first birthday and it’s no surprise that his favorite food is – everything.

“He does not turn down a meal,” said his mother, LaQueena Marie Hunter-Grover of Des Allemands. “Every time we’re sitting in the room with a plate he’s coming by. He loves everything – breakfast, lunch and dinner – with his bottle on the side.”

Although average weight for a one-year-old is 22 pounds, she emphasized Loialty is a healthy, active baby.

“I’ve never seen a baby like lemons or pickles,” Hunter-Grover said. “He likes it all.”

There is one food he goes crazy for – “Lil’ Crunchies.”

“It seems he should be bigger, but he does work it off,” she said.

The Des Allemands child earned fame in December of last year born at 14.1 pounds, putting him among the largest infants born in the world.

Loialty’s story went worldwide. A year later, Loialty’s size puts him closer to that of a two-year-old and he wears 24-month clothing. He’s also shedding his “chunky” look as he stretches to 36 inches tall.

His mother is particularly proud of him learning to say “Momma” at seven months old and starting to walk one day before he celebrated his first birthday in December.

“He loves outside, and he likes to bring all his toys with him,” she said.

Loialty also loves books, which she believes came from her reading to him before he was born and while they were in the hospital. She also said his name to him so often during that time that doing it now calms him down and makes him


Hunter-Grover said the funniest thing about her baby is she believes he knows he’s big.

Despite his typically kind demeanor, she said he likes to play rough.

“It’s the Incredible Hulk again, but he’s a very sweet baby,” she said. “He will go into beast mode if you take away something he wants.”

But there are other times when he is perfectly agreeable.

When she found him trying to play with an electric plug, she told him not to play with it. He calmly walked to the sofa and sat down without a comment.

She also described him as “camera ready,” already bearing a smile for the lens.

“He’s so happy,” she said. “ All through the day he is so happy and always smiling. He’s a very active boy, but he’s a very sweet baby.”

With a baby who was supposed to be a girl, Hunter-Grover said she wouldn’t change a thing about having a big boy.


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