Woman accused of poisoning husband won’t face charges

Husband requested that case be dropped

A St. Rose woman accused of poisoning her husband’s drink will avoid jail after the husband asked the St. Charles Parish District Attorney’s Office to drop the charge.

The man was not seriously injured because he immediately spit out most of the substance, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

The man had taken a sip of fruit punch earlier in the day before getting into an argument with his wife, Cherie LaGrange. He went outside to work on his truck and took another gulp of the fruit punch when he came back inside. He immediately noticed something was wrong.

“He swallowed some of it, but he was able to spit most of it out because his throat started burning and the drink started coming out of his nose and mouth,” Capt. Pat Yoes, spokesman with the Sheriff’s Office, said.

LaGrange, 48, was arrested and charged with a felony of mingling harmful substances after emergency personnel were called to the scene to treat her husband in August. The charge was dropped last week.


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