Why this grad was thrilled over being named Mistress of Ceremonies

Being elected student body president was the high point of Kate Lougon’s time at Destrehan High School, but it represented so much more in her life.

“When I was younger, I had a real bad speech impediment and couldn’t talk until I was five,” said the DHS graduate. Lougon recalled being pulled out of class twice a week to meet with her speech therapist. “I remember always going to speech therapy, but I didn’t think it was a big deal … it was just something I had to do.”

At age three, Lougon remembered being frustrated when people constantly asked her to repeat herself.

By second grade, she didn’t need speech therapy anymore and received a certificate. Then came the astounding moment for the little second grader who was asked to read the morning announcements at her school.

“It was exciting,” Lougon said. “I was a little nervous.”

The experience was a galvanizing one that made her more confident to talk to fellow students and teachers, as well as helped her build stronger relationships. It was felt so deeply that she switched careers to speech therapy from becoming a nurse, a field she had chosen since fifth grade.

It was a logical, heartfelt direction in life considering what she had undergone as a child and, as importantly, what she hoped to achieve in life.

“I woke up one day and thought, ‘I don’t think I want to go to nursing school anymore,’” she said. Her mother suggested speech therapy so Lougon shadowed one, and returned with a new career goal.

Overall, Lougon’s three most important activities include ballet, work and her faith.

“I have been dancing since I was six and studying strictly ballot since I was nine,” she said. “My love for ballet has really exploded over the years. The demanding qualities that this art form requires is truly inspirational and has helped to transform me into the person I am today.”

Lougon also works at the Balcony Ballroom in Metairie as a passer, a job she has loved.

In faith, she has volunteered at her church by teaching religion classes.

“I have been with the same group of eighth graders helping them learn and expand their faith,” she said. “This has been one of the best experiences. I think it is beneficial for, not only myself, but for the eighth graders, as well.”

She also served as Student Council president, which Lougon considers her top achievement with her peers having elected her to the office.

[pullquote]“My love for ballet has really exploded over the years. The demanding qualities that this art form requires is truly inspirational and has helped to transform me into the person I am today”— Kate Lougon[/pullquote]

“It showed I tried to build relationships with my peers and to be compassionate toward others,” she said. “I was always looking to help other people.”

Activities such as planning homecoming gave her the opportunity to put those goals in action by working closely with people and integrating their ideas into the event.

“My involvement in this club has aided in helping me grow into a confident and more outgoing individual,” Lougon said.

Six years in theater further increased her comfort level with talking to crowds.

Lougon was been named DHS’ 2018-19 Student of the Year. She was also mistress of ceremonies at Destrehan’s graduation.

She plans to attend the University of Louisiana – Lafayette in the fall to study speech pathology.

Kate Lougan

  • Kate Lougan served as Student Council president at Destrehan High School.
  • Lougan considers ballet her favorite activity.
  • She overcame a speech impediment that helped her focus more intently on the importance of relationships.


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