Trial set for New Sarpy man accused of brutally shooting DHS student

Javon Wells: ‘I don’t even remember. I was drunk.’

The New Sarpy man accused of shooting Destrehan High School senior Kendall Williams Jr. in the head at point-blank range just days before graduation will go to trial on May 16.

Javon Wells, 23, indicted on second-degree murder, was with Williams and others under a gazebo in a small park in New Sarpy on May 4 of last year when he allegedly shot and killed Williams, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Williams received his degree posthumously and a rose was placed on a chair at the graduation in his memory.

On the day of the shooting, detectives found Williams dead in the small park at East Harding and Eighth streets at about 8:30 p.m. May 4. Hours later, Wells, who was living with his grandmother at 740 East Hoover St., also in New Sarpy, was arrested and charged in the murder.

Although Sheriff Greg Champagne said the motive of the killing was still under investigation, he did say the two argued and then Wells apparently just walked over and shot Williams once in the head.

According to court documents, Wells denies knowing Williams, being in the park at the time of the shooting and denies he was the one who shot him. Witness accounts from Wells’ own relatives, however, identify him as the shooter.

When Detective Jeremy Pitchford questioned him further about what happened at the park, Wells again maintained he did not know Williams and added, “I don’t even remember. I was drunk,” according to a 25-page statement to police.

Pitchford asked Wells about an earlier shooting where he was the victim and if Williams was connected to that shooting. Wells replies, “I don’t know dawg.”

Pitchford tells Wells, “ … he (Williams) just went to a party for his, ya know, last day of school and now he’s shot dead at the park” and asks Wells for the reason for it. Wells only replies, “That’s f…..d up.”

Wells further denies that he knows what happened at the park.

Pitchford asks, “So you don’t know if you shot Kendall at the park?”

Wells replies, “I don’t know who did what … what happened when, where, if nothing.”

But Pitchford tells him, “Everybody in New Sarpy knows what happened at that park.”

Wells says, “Why ya’ll asking me if everybody know. Why ya’ll asking the only person who don’t know then.”Pitchford tells him, “You do know you were there.”Wells denied it.

Instead, he states, “Oh, my god, here ya’ll go with that. You know what… turn that off man. Just take me to jail then.

If you don’t wanna let me go home take me to jail, come on. Y’all playing games, man, trying to be straight up.”

Pitchford states, “You just got accused of murdering somebody in the park.”

Wells insists, “Take me to jail. Let’s go. Come on, I don’t need to answer no more questions. Let’s go. Let’s roll.” He adds, “I’m ready. Let’s roll out, man. I ain’t got to answer no more questions. God bless his soul, ya heard me.”


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