Man dies after developing autoimmune disease from vaccine

Brandon Pollet with his wife, Jessica, and their daughter.

A man with local ties died Jan. 28 after doctors say his second COVID vaccine caused an immune response that led to the development of an autoimmune disease.

Brandon Pollet, 33, was born and raised in LaPlace and lived in St. Charles Parish for 10 years before moving to Ponchatoula.

“Brandon had no prior medical history,” Brandon’s wife Jessica Pollet said. “After his second Pfizer vaccine, Brandon developed a headache right away then fever 48 hours after.”

His first hospitalization was Oct.  21 – Nov. 7.

“He was worked up for hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, or HLH, but it was ruled out and he was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called Still’s Disease,” Jessica said. “After discharge, Brandon went home for about a month and was then re-hospitalized Dec. 14.”

Jessica said it was later in December when Brandon was officially diagnosed with HLH. The couple has a 1-year-old daughter.

“He received the HLH protocol treatment, which included chemotherapy,” she said last week. “Unfortunately, none of the usual treatments have worked. The doctors have agreed that the COVID vaccine caused an immune response that led to the development of the autoimmune disease and HLH.”

Jessica said that the employees of Shell Oil – where Brandon worked as an instrument mechanic – have been incredibly supportive and encouraging to the entire family, as has the entire St. Charles Parish community.

“The community has organized blood drives and a GoFundMe account to support Brandon and to help us pay medical bills,” Jessica, who took leave from work to care for Brandon, said. “We ask for your thoughts and prayers.”

The GoFundMe for Brandon Pollet – which has raised over $30,000 for the family – can be found by searching “Help Brandon with Medical Bills” on the site.


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  1. Thank you for real journalism. Truth. These poor people following government guidance and company mandates are going minimalized and ignored.

  2. I havev a friend who was diagnosticated with Still’s Disease, after 5 month from the second jab. His phisical condition became worst every day and after many analyses, even in Austria, they said they don”t what he has. Eventualy, he goes in Turkey and they give him this Diagnostic and give him prednison I think..

  3. Despite all the anti-vax comments going around, I take into account all the millions of people it has helped. All the people I know personally, including myself have no problem with the vaccine. Nothings 100% safe not even aspirin or peanut butter.

    • Not the point. The suppression of effective, safe and freely available treatments is the problem, all to push this ‘vaccine’ for profits and control. This jab has hurt 100’s of thousands of people, but the media will not even acknowledge the extent which is why you are falling right in line with how they want you to think.

      • You are 100 % correct. Powerful members of the Federal
        Government must be tried for MURDER. Doctors who came forward with early and inexpensive treatments were silenced and threatened. One, Dr Scott Jensen of MN came forward with solutions which cost less than
        $ 50.00! They tried to take his license three times! He is now running for governor of MN. This will be one of the worst crimes by any government, anywhere.

    • You may be ok right now but what about potential health problems down the road? Just because you or others didn’t have an immediate efffect doesn’t mean one can’t happen later. Unfortunately long term health effects are rarely contributed to past vaccines. No vaccine has been studied and followed that long to learn of all potential future problems. Especially not the effects of being given multiple vaccines. We certainly don’t even know all the potential immediate and short term issues with these new vaccines let alone longer term effects. Not to mention with these they shortened and even skipped several key steps/studies with these. Don’t be so blindly trusting!

    • How do you know it’s helped anyone? And just because you survived it acutely, there’s a good chance you’ll develop some weird cancer, heart problem or illness down the road and won’t connect it back to the needle. Harsh facts.. don’t endanger anyone else.

    • Considering there is a less than 0.3% mortality rate from COvid, even in countries very low in vaccination rate it is obvious that the Risk/benefit risk is not supportive of universal COvid Vaccination which is after all still in the trialling stage.

    • he was 33, he had virtually no chance of dying from covid. Not one person under 70 who is healthy should even consider it, yet they are encouraging it all the way down to 6 months.

    • My healthy, strong brother died from the vaccine. His doctor’s told us it’s what killed him. I’ve had Covid twice and I’m fine, without the vaccine. Our government lies to us and you don’t know what might happen to you later. How would you feel if someone you love was killed by the vaccine. Then nobody cares, it’s not talked about. I can’t even turn on the TV because all I hear about is somebody died and their dying words were, I wish I had taken the jab. Let’s hear how many people wish they hadn’t taken it. I’ll go first for my brother

    • You think you have no problem. Wait for it – some doses were designed to be a slow burn. Not all doses were the same you know. Look up the website “howbadwasmybatch”.

    • It is early days, you may well be a ticking time bomb.

      The jabs did not stop the virus from spreading and they did not stop you from getting it and how can they call it safe and effective when they have no long-term trials to refer to. You were taken in, sorry, should have done your research first.

    • This is actually about control. Plus Bill Gates is behind the vaccine. He is also all for getting rid of most of the population. Would you really trust someone who wants to kill off more than half the people living in the world. He is an evil man!! Don’t take my word for it. Research for yourself.

  4. Food for thought…

    I have compiled a list of 74 people’s names that I know personally or through a loved one, family member, friend, neighbor or acquaintance. I began this list approximately in July of this year. The list is ongoing as I type.

    Here are my results:

    Out of the 74 people who have taken at least one injection, twelve are definitely known to have at least taken two injections. Eight more are known to have gotten a so-called ‘booster shot’.

    27 of the 74 people have suffered or continue to suffer the following adverse reactions:

    Chronic fatigue
    Oxygen deprivation
    Persistent cough
    Permanently damaged heart muscle and tissue
    Cancerous tumors
    Stage 4 cancers appearing in a matter of just a few months
    Swollen throats
    Debilitating strokes
    Joint pain, swelling, inflammation
    Chronic sinusitis
    Bone, joint deterioration
    Difficulty breathing
    Heart attack
    Flu like symptoms

    13 additional people out of the 74 on the list died as a direct result of the injection according to my sources of information. One was my neighbor just down the street four days ago. They found her face down on the living room floor dead from a massive stroke. She was 53 years old.

    My calculations of this compiled information indicates the following assumptions:

    These injections are part of a global depopulation agenda with many more implications involved that have yet to be fully understood as well as investigated…

    Therefore, I’m not going to be you’re mother fucking test subject.

  5. Thank you for covering this man’s death.
    People deserve to know that people are being hurt & dying after receiving these Covid shot products. Legacy media is on the verge of losing all credibility with many of us. By covering some of the adverse effects of these products that are actually happening, you are restoring some of my faith that maybe journalism isn’t totally dead yet. Please keep it up. Save journalism. Save your credibility. Thank you.

  6. I received the Pfizer vaccine last year, my last the end of August. Shortly after my first shot I developed Myocarditis and had to wear a holter monitor because I would wake up with racing heart. The doctors said it was my anxiety. Since then I have had terrible joint swelling and pain in my hands, feet, hip, knees toes, shoulder and neck. I have been to a Neurologist to rule out Neuropathy and to an ortho surgeon and they said it was possible arthritis and that there was nothing else they could do for me. Now I am waiting to go to a Rheumatoid Arthritis doctor, but can’t get me in until November. I am wondering why it is taking so long to diagnose and get into these types of doctors. Could it be that more people are experiencing the same symptoms due to the covid vaccine and why we can’t get into the doctor for months? So many cases?

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