Destrehan resident stars in A&E television series

Aaron Campeaux shoots a promo photo for Hustle & Tow.

Aaron Campeaux is the owner of one of eight tow companies in the country that will be featured on season two of A&E’s original series Hustle & Tow.

Hustle & Tow takes a close-up look at America’s tow truck operators, who perform daily under extremely dangerous and unique conditions, including every imaginable encounter with unexpected terrain, wildlife and weather.

“These hard-working men and women respond to a massive array of calls from recovering stolen cars, to handling contentious impounds, clearing behemoth big rig wrecks, rescuing families who have veered off the highway and much more,” the network’s website states. “Embedded with diverse shops and drivers in both rural and urban communities across the country, ‘Hustle & Tow’ offers viewers a rugged ‘day-in-the-life’ perspective on tow truck operators, where — depending on the call — operators can either be hailed as heroes or labeled as villains.”

Campeaux, who owns and operates Aaron Campeaux Towing in St. Rose, said local residents who view the show will be able to recognize many settings featured during the series, including St. Rose Avenue, Ormond Boulevard, local plantations and spots along River Road.

“We did about 80 percent of the filming in St. Charles Parish,” he said. “They also took a lot of drone footage in the parish.”

Campeaux – who was shown on some of the series’ season one – said he and his 9-year-old son Carson will have more prominent roles in season two, which beings to air Aug. 4.

Campeaux laughed when he said he almost lost his shot at appearing in the show.

“They contacted me through Instagram and thought it was a joke,” he said chuckling. “I just deleted it … I just thought it was someone trying to sell me something, but then they called my office.”

Within two weeks he had a signed contract and later began a nine-month filming journey.

“It’s opened up so many doors for me,” he said of appearing on the show. “It shows the ins and outs of our personal lives and business.”

Carson enjoyed the filming process too, Campeaux added.

“He’s a little natural,” he said. “He loved every minute of it.”


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