Squeal and Moo closes after one year

Kip and Lori Bergeron

Couple announced June 2 was last day, called decision “extremely difficult”

Just weeks after the one-year anniversary of its opening, the owners of Squeal and Moo Real Pit BBQ have closed their restaurant’s doors.

The closing became effective June 2. Kip and Lori Bergeron announced the closure via a post to Squeal and Moo’s Facebook page, noting the decision was not an easy one, but was ultimately one they had to make.

“With deep regret, we announce that the doors of Squeal and Moo Real Pit BBQ will permanently close today,” the post read. “This decision was extremely difficult because serving our community over the past year was such a pleasure. We are so grateful to our staff, family, friends and loyal customers for every supportive gesture and encouraging word. We would love to continue operating for years to come, but for many reasons beyond our control that is no longer feasible. Many thanks!!”

The Bergerons opened the barbeque restaurant in May of 2018, with the intent to bring a strong barbeque eating experience to an area where it’s relatively rare. Lori is from Austin, Texas, where barbecue options are prevalent, and Kip spent time there.

“We would love to continue operating for years to come, but for many reasons beyond our control that is no longer feasible.” — Bergerons

The two called the restaurant opening a dream of theirs, something they talked about often as far back as 2000. They didn’t put plans into motion until the passing of their close friend Darrin Beadle, whose friendship with fellow St. Charles Parish native Kip dated back to their childhood. He was a constant source of encouragement for them prior to his passing in the summer of 2017.

The couple acquired the site, had the building remodeled and installed custom built smokers. It opened to strong response and received positive ratings online and via social media – responses to the announcement of the closure were overwhelmingly regretful.

Squeal and Moo Real Pit BBQ

  • Closed permanently June 2, after opening just over a year prior on May 15, 2018.
  • Was opened by Kip and Lori Bergeron after years of dreaming on the idea, at 12287 US-90 in Luling.
  • Said continuing to operate would prove unfeasible via a Facebook message on its page last week.


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  1. Sorry but the food wasn’t all that great. I tried to give them some pointers but my comments were deleted from their site. My family owned and operated the original Hymels Restaurant in Luling on River Road, now Pit Stop Saloon. I constantly look for better ways to smoke meats etc. and I am always open for suggestions for a better taste and texture unlike these people. I won’t miss it.

  2. I’m glad to see this article. Too bad none of your articles on this business portray the truth of the beginning. Maybe if if did, then this wouldn’t come as much of a shock to anyone. This is a great testimony to what happens when people use others to their own advantage- then leave them out to dry!

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