New driver’s license bureau planned, old jail gets the ax

In the future, St. Charles Parish residents will no longer have to visit the courthouse to get a new driver’s license or register a new vehicle after the parish received $151,831 from the state to build a new driver’s license bureau.

The construction of a new bureau was among the $10 million in construction projects introduced by Parish President V.J. St. Pierre’s administration last year. The other projects included a new community center, emergency operations center and a boat launch on Highway 90.

The parish wanted to construct a new driver’s license bureau because of inadequate space at the current location, which is located at the back of the courthouse. It would also free up space in the courthouse and allow tighter security.

The new bureau will be built on parish-owned property across the street from the courthouse.

The parish will also move ahead with plans to demolish the old jail on the third floor of the courthouse after the Parish Council awarded the contract to Zimmer-Eschette Services II, LLC for $311,785.

Upon taking office in 2007, Parish President V.J. St. Pierre wanted to demolish the jail in an effort to consolidate his offices. The area is currently being used to house documents from the clerk of court and the Sheriff’s Office.

Plans are to move the administration, finance and council offices to the third floor, which will leave more space for the clerk of court, district attorney and judge’s offices.
The center section of the third floor was the original jail structure and the front and rear portions weren’t constructed until 1988. The jail was relocated to the Nelson Coleman Correction Center, which was completed in 1998.


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