Mother stabbed to death in Destrehan was set to graduate beauty school this week

Second victim called an angel who tried to help everyone

Mia Waite was going to graduate from beauty school this week. Instead, the 35-year-old mother was stabbed to death on Wednesday morning in her home.

The prime suspect in the murder is Mia’s live-in boyfriend, Bruce Bourgeois Jr. Bourgeois is also accused of luring Mia’s mother, Carmelina Waite, to the home and attacking her.

He was arrested Thursday night in Independence.

Carmelina is currently in in the ICU, but suffered a gruesome slash across her throat along with other injuries, according to a family member.

Still, despite not being able to speak after she was attacked, Carmelina valiantly made her way to a neighbor’s house and handed over a note asking for police to respond to her daughter’s home on Madewood Drive in Destrehan. Comments claiming that Carmelina was deaf and mute are totally false. according to a family member.

When deputies arrived at 9 a.m., Mia was found dead in her bathroom from what appears to be multiple stab wounds.

Mia was excited about graduating beauty school and always looked out for the well being of her family.

She said it was her sister Carmelina’s helpful nature that led to her attack in the first place. According to authorities, Bourgeois had called Carmelina earlier in the day and asked for a ride to his probation officer. He said that Mia was sick and wasn’t able to take him.

Without hesitating, Carmelina headed over to the home to give Bourgeois a ride.

When she arrived at the home she asked to see her daughter, but Bourgeois refused to let her do so, according to Sgt. Dwayne LaGrange, spokesman with the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office. Instead, Bourgeois allegedly attacked Carmelina.

Bourgeois fled in Carmelina’s gray Toyota Scion XD.


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