Monsanto wins awards for environmental measures

Monsanto was recently honored with two first achievement awards and two honorable mentions for going beyond the call of duty to help clean up the environment.

The awards, which were presented by Gov. Bobby Jindal’s office, are a component of the state’s Environmental Leadership Program. The program was established in 1996 to recognize activities  and projects that demonstrate environmental leadership. To join the program, an organization must commit to minimizing adverse impacts on human health and the environment, maintain a continuous improvement process for environmental performance and minimize waste.

Monsanto has been a member of the program since its inception and has won 10 previous awards.

Monsanto’s first achievement award was for the plant’s wildlife enhancement efforts. The plant has a Wildlife Enhancement Committee whose goal is to educate employees and the local community about the preservation, protection and enhancement of area wildlife. The plant does this through various activities each year. These efforts also led to Monsanto receiving Corporate Lands for Learning Certification from the Wildlife Habitat Council last year.

The second achievement award was given to the plant for their implementation of a GI Cake Wash Optimization project. Through a review of its processing steps, the plant was able to reduce the volume of water used to wash impurities from centrifuge wet cake in its manufacture of a Roundup herbicide intermediate. This modification reduced the facility’s water consumption by about 6,000,000 gallons per year without impacting product quality.

The two honorable mentions were for the efforts of the Luling Energy Conservation Team and the RC 14001 Implementation project. The Luling Energy Conservation Team was formed to reduce the site’s total energy usage and costs and to ensure that conservation is maintained at the plant.

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