New craft brewery, German Coast Beer Company, set to open early 2024

Chemist and brewer Brandon Zeringue and his spouse June Zeringue announced this week plans to open St. Charles Parish’s newest and only brewery sometime in early 2024 at 13899 River Road in Luling.

The new craft brewery, which will be called the German Coast Beer Company, anticipates opening in the first quarter of 2024 inside its soon to be renovated building, situated beside Crawfish and Chill, a new seafood restaurant slated to open around the same time.

“People in the parish need a place like this; the closest brewery is 25 miles away in the city of New Orleans,” Zeringue said. “This will be a family friendly place – you’ll be able to bring kids, we’ll do live music and games.”

The couple say they have brewed dozens upon dozens of batches of beer before arriving at the final selection of beers they plan to regularly offer new customers.

“I’ve brewed 200 plus batches of beer; it’s hard to pick out which ones are your favorite,” Zeringue commented. “But there are a handful that we definitely know are going to be [offered as] what we could call flagship beers.”

Even though they have not yet officially named all their craft beer products yet, owners of the German Coast Beer Company say their new craft brewhouse will feature a few beers on tap on a permanent basis, including an IPA, American lager and English stout, alongside a continuously rotating group of seasonal beers using different hop styles and malt characteristics.

“We’re actually hoping to kind of reinvigorate a seasonal kind of lifestyle, especially when it comes to beer,” Zeringue said.

While a chemist by training working for a local petrochemical facility, Zeringue and his wife both grew up around generational family businesses and are working to keep that tradition alive by founding their own craft brewery. Using his chemist background, Zeringue spent years honing his craft beer processes before deciding to open his own brewery establishment.

“I’ve been home brewing since 2016, but it goes further than that,” Zeringue said. “I can remember back when I was at school at Louisiana Tech University, studying chemistry and reading about brewing science…in the industry, when it comes to big breweries, most [brewers] are engineers or chemists.”

The German Coast Beer Company plans to have exterior seating and will offer patrons food options through local third-party vendors such as pop-up restaurants or food trucks.

“It’s going to be awesome – it’s going to be beautiful under the bridge,” Zeringue said of the designs on his new brewhouse.


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