Judge calls Killona man’s crimes with juveniles ‘despicable’

Calling the crimes “despicable,” St. Charles District Judge Emile. R. St. Pierre sentenced a Killona man to 30 years in prison for indecent behavior with juveniles.

Sixty-year-old Sylvester Hayman was found guilty of a count each of indecent behavior with a juvenile and attempted indecent behavior with a juvenile. The verdicts were unanimous.

St. Pierre sentenced Hayman to 20 years on the first count and 10 years on the second count. In his reasons for the ruling, he further “lamented the harm that occurs to the victim (s) in cases of this nature and the inability to adequately address that harm.”

The trial was prosecuted by Assistant District Attorney Connie M. Aucoin and sentenced handled by Assistant District Attorney David L. Chaisson.

“The sentence is appropriate given the disturbing facts of this case,” said District Attorney Joel T. Chaisson II. “It ensures that this man will never be able to victimize another child in his life. The sentence handed down today would not have been possible absent the efforts Connie M. Aucoin. Her commitment to the pursuit of justice and dogged determination in handling cases make our parish safer.”



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