Is Des Allemands hiding Civil War train?

Documentary filmmaker says Civil War artifacts could be buried

Rumors of a Civil War train buried beneath the floor of Bayou Des Allemands have lived on through the generations by word of mouth.

The unconfirmed tale is a simple one. A train possibly carrying medical bags or weaponry – such as muskets, swords, pistols, rifles and carbines – derailed into the bayou waters while crossing the Des Allemands train bridge.

Documentary filmmaker Roy Lunk says that he’s researched the three skirmishes that took place in the Des Allemands area during the war, but has yet to uncover any evidence supporting the tall tale.

“I’ve read actual accounts written by Civil War captains that fought in the battles, but nothing was mentioned about this supposed train accident,” he said. “About eight or nine years ago, there were several divers searching for Civil War artifacts, possibly from a sunken train, but I don’t think that anything was ever found.”

Lunk points out that the water depth near the middle of the bayou reaches 28 feet, which would make it possible  for Civil War artifacts or train parts to still be entombed under the bayou floor.

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