Hahnville man charged in Oct. 9 shooting

A Hahnville man has been arrested and charged in the Oct. 9 shooting where he was apparently shot with his own weapon in attempting to retrieve his girlfriend’s one-year-old child in St. Rose.

Raymond Lewis James Jr., 23, of 135 Fashion Blvd in Hahnville was arrested and charged with one count of aggravated assault with a firearm for his involvement in the shooting in the 200 block of East Club Drive, St. Rose, according to the St. Charles Parish Sheriff’s Office.

Based on the investigation, detectives issued an arrest warrant for James and he was taken into custody on Oct. 21 after being released from University Medical Center. James and his girlfriend apparently went to a residence in an effort to take custody of the child that was staying with the child’s father.

The child’s mother and James knocked on the front door, which led to an altercation between James and the child’s father. James allegedly threatened him with a firearm that he had removed from his waistband, according to the Sheriff’s Office. The weapon fell to the ground as the two began physically fighting. The child’s father was able to retrieve the firearm and shot James, striking him in the upper abdomen.

Initially, the child’s father left the scene and James was located by responding deputies. James was taken to University Medical Center where he stayed for several days while receiving treatment for his wounds.

Witness statements and evidence collected indicated James brought the firearm with him to the St. Rose residence while attempting to retrieve the child.

Further statements and evidence indicated James was the aggressor in the situation, and utilized the firearm to threaten the child’s father, according to the Sheriff’s Office. During the altercation, the child’s father took possession of the firearm and shot James.


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