Fish kill could continue due to oxygen depletion

Drivers passing the Davis Pond siphon on River Road in Ama probably noticed the stench of dead fish due to a large fish kill that is occurring in the area.

Over 60,000 fish have already died in the diversion in an ongoing fish kill that began on Sept. 3, two days after Gustav made landfall, says Bruce McDonald.

McDonald, who surveyed the kill for Wildlife and Fisheries on Sept. 10, said the main species affected are blue channel catfish, white and red carp, gaspergo, gizzard chad, and eel.

“Bream, bass and sac-a-lait have also been affected, but to a lesser extent,” he said.

McDonald added that there were a few dead fish in Sellers Canal from Pier 90 to Lake  Cataouatche, but most were concentrated in the diversion.

Gustav-related fish kills are occurring throughout South Louisiana, with the largest occurring south of Houma and west towards Vermillion Bay.

The kills are caused by a combination of saltwater intrusion and oxygen-depleted water that result whenever a Hurricane makes landfall.


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