Conner Fisk named Destrehan High School Valedictorian

Conner Fisk

Conner Fisk’s core interests come down to something he calls the three Ms: math, music and ministry.

“It’s too bad my name doesn’t start with an M … maybe I’d have something there,” he said with a smile.

For Destrehan’s Class of 2019 Valedictorian, these are his passions, and thus what he devotes most of his free time to serving. That he finds the energy to take part in all of his activities while also excelling with the highest GPA in his class boils down to his belief that if one loves what they’re doing, a person never really “works” a day in their life.

“I never tried to be Valedictorian as much as I just wanted to be the best version of myself,” Fisk said. “I was never tormented by thoughts of, ‘Oh I’ve gotta be better than everyone else, because my class is full — full — of people who are brilliant and extremely hard-working. But at the end of the day, I guess my methods worked for me.”

A major part of his excellence in the classroom, he believes, boils down to approaching his studies in a non-standard way. Rather than get too wrapped up in the next test or assignment, he tried to evaluate the big picture in terms of finding his path to success each semester.

“Understanding that AP exams, those tests carry so much weight and really matter,” Fisk said. “Going out and buying books to prepare … ACT prints organization and preparation books that offer test advice, methods, strategies to succeed, and its valuable information.”

Taking that initiative helped him lay the groundwork to score a 32 on the ACT in his freshman year, and later a 34 composite score.

He also prioritizes understanding and grasping a subject fully over memorization or short term gains.

“There were times I’d turn in an assignment late because I prioritized actually learning the material,” he said. “If a class is structured the way it should be, the person who knows the material best should go on to have the best results. I think it worked for me, especially for AP exams.”

He earned scores of 5 – the best one can score –  on all of his AP tests as of graduation.

Fisk has a special gift for math, something he notes he’s loved forever. He’s placed nationally in math competitions, elected to take calculus a year early, and has been a member of Mu Alpha Theta. He plans to study actuarial studies and finance at the University of Texas at Dallas.

“It’s kind of finance but on steroids,” Fisk joked. “You do a lot of risk analysis for insurance companies … I just love problem solving, exploring things … it’s not super rare to find me on a Saturday afternoon doing math problems. It’s super nerdy, but I love doing it.”

[pullquote]“I never tried to be Valedictorian as much as I just wanted to be the best version of myself.”— Conner Fisk[/pullquote]

Musically, he’s also ahead of the curve. Fisk was the youngest member ever admitted to the River Region Orchestra. He’s learned to play — and compose for — the piano, French Horn and is a member of the choir. His musical talents first came to surface when he began playing his first instrument, the trumpet, in the fifth grade—he’s been named All-State in music in each of his four years with the Destrehan band. He’s also been a member of the school choir.

“Music is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, honestly,” said Fisk. “Beyond test, exams … playing an instrument and doing it well is so demanding and challenging, and takes a tremendous amount of work. But I really love the arts and being creative … even through people regard me more for math, I think, it’s always been a great outlet for me to express myself.”

The third and final of his three Ms, ministry, is ultimately what he says is his greatest driving passion.

Fisk embraced Christianity as a sophomore, noting that as a time in his life he sought more fulfillment.

“I became involved and fell in love with God,” Fisk said.

Along the way, he’s had opportunities to help others that he’s truly grateful for. Fisk wants to do missionary work in the future and eventually transition into full time ministry, as it’s what he calls his “true love.”

“I’ve been blessed to be able to counsel people … help people cope with depression and through serious issues. It’s been a crazy adventure,” Fisk said.

“It’s not only transformed me in my own life, but I’ve been able to help transform other people through my walk with God. It’s a calling I can’t escape … I’ve seen how we can make a difference so acutely through that.”

Conner Fisk

  • Founder of Project 7 club for Bible study at Destrehan.
  • Placed nationally at MathCon competition as a freshman and as a junior.
  • Multi-talented musician was youngest ever admitted to River Region Orchestra.
  • Vice President of DHS National Honor Society, member of Mu Alpha Theta and choir and officer in DHS band.


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