Candidate for sheriff is disqualified

Melinda Bedi was disqualified Monday (Aug. 19) from the sheriff’s race in St. Charles Parish, but has filed an appeal.

Despite a lengthy discussion over Bedi’s residency, Ad Hoc Judge Ashly Bruce Simpson in the 29th Judicial District Court made the ruling over her not filing taxes in 2017 and 2018 contending she made enough money to file, said the parish’s Clerk of Court Lance Marino.

Bedi has appealed the decision with the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal in Gretna. Marino said a decision is anticipated by Friday because of the expedited court schedule with the election.

Simpson also is scheduled to address a lawsuit tomorrow (Aug. 21) at 10 a.m. filed by Henry LeBoyd of Destrehan challenging the residency of Matt Jewell, who is running for parish president.

Both candidates qualified to run in the Oct. 12 primary election.

Marino said a candidate must file taxes or request a tax extension or not make enough money to file a return to run for office.

As to Bedi’s residence, she stated 219 Coronado Drive, Luling, on her qualification form, but was no longer at this address because of divorce.

Simpson determined as long as it was her intent to live in St. Charles Parish she still qualified as a candidate, Marino said.


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  1. Residency requirements are in place to ensure that the parish is represented by someone from the parish. Per LA RS 18:451.2 in order to qualify as a candidate for sheriff, “the candidate shall have resided in Louisiana for the preceding 2 years and shall have been actually domiciled for the preceding year in the parish”. According to this article, and I think there is a misprint in the last paragraph that Ms. Bedi stated “as long as it was her intent” to be a resident of the parish, it seems Ms. Bedi does not live in St Charles parish at present. If this is the case, why would she even attempt to qualify? If intentions were all that were required, then if I intend to be a resident of Texas or Florida at some point, can I not pay Louisiana state income taxes?

    • Chuck, that is a good question. My not being in my home is not my fault. Judge Marcel ordered me out of my home and I have been fighting the corrupt courts ever since. As the Victim of Domestic Abuse there are Laws and relief that should have been applied and adhered to but it was the willful and deliberate neglect of the courts to do so. According to La RS 46:2131-36 and several other Laws for children – there is NO excuse for Marcel ordering me out of my home, failing to appoint a Domestic Abuse Evaluator, failing to force the perpetrator to pay court costs and expert witness testimony, etc…
      “The St. Charles Parish Machine” which includes not just the Judge but the Sheriff department as well is the cause and has been reported to the proper authorities for Public Corruption. Now the issue with not filing taxes for 2017 and 2018 – neither year did I work or receive a W2 or 1099. In fact the attorneys for the person contesting as well as the representative for the Secretary of State BOTH granted my request to file free of charge due to my not having an income – a measure I choose to endure to maintain my ability to fight for my Rights as an Innocently afflicted American citizen.

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