Alligator Fest adds pageant for first time

Any young lady who wants to be the first ambassador for the Rotary Club of St. Charles Parish’s Alligator Festival will get her chance.

“This year, we will select two queens through the Alligator Festival Pageant to serve as ambassadors for the festival and our club,” said Kelsey Pollock, the Rotary’s public relations committee chair. “The Alligator Festival is a long time member of the Louisiana Association of Fair and Festivals. Many of the fairs and festivals have queens as ambassadors, and we are thrilled to be adding to this Louisiana tradition.”

On Aug. 18, the Rotary’s first Alligator Festival Pageant will be held to select two queens between the ages of 13 to 23 never married or pregnant for the titles of Teen and Miss Alligator Festival Pageant. They must be residents of St. Charles Parish.

Aug. 15 is the deadline to enter.

The pageant will be at 6 p.m. at Hahnville High School.

Pollock said this public relations project goes far beyond the night of the pageant.

“The selected queens will spend their reign traveling around the state to other fairs and festivals with the purpose of promoting the Alligator Festival,” she said. “This is a yearlong campaign where our queens will be marketing the festival directly to thousands of other fair and festival goers.”

Pollock said the Rotary’s reputation as “people of action” marks the organization’s dedication to the community.

“We see this project as a ‘boots on the ground’ advertising effort for the Alligator Festival and find it incredibly fitting for our club,” she said.

Pollock said the club will benefit from the queens’ service and they will receive invaluable experience that could take them beyond their pageant career.

“This is an opportunity for personal development, as the queens will gain public speaking, interview and communication skills,” Pollock said. “It can almost be compared to a public relations internship. We are excited to offer this enriching experience to the youth of our parish.”

Pageant entry forms and contestant information can be found at alligator


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