Villere Drive residents meeting and greeting

The people of Villere Drive Get Together.

Villere Drive Get Together is a small group of people who get together three times a year to socialize. In March, August and late November they meet in St. Charles Parish. Anyone who lives on Villere Drive in Destrehan in the Ormond subdivision is welcome. There are 149 houses on the street.

“We met at the Cypress Lakes Restaurant on Aug. 23 with 52 participants,” said resident B.J. Butler. “We arrived at  6 p.m., met new neighbors and had a nice dinner with a guest speaker from Red Cross speaking on hurricane evacuations.”

Butler said the purpose of these meetings is to get to know their neighbors, their children, their animals and more.

“If a pet is missing, we should know whom it belongs to so we can get it back home safely,” she said. “Meeting our neighbors we now know who doesn’t belong in our driveway or around our homes when we are away.”

At each meeting, they open and close with a prayer.

If interested in joining the Villere Drive Get Together, call Butler at (504) 606-7548.


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