Valero donates to LPBF

Valero St. Charles Refinery announced a $17,000 donation to the Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation (LPBF). The monies will be used to help restore the Maurepas Land Bridge and Labranche Wetlands.

The Maurepas Land Bridge is a critical line of defense in reducing risk from storm surge for communities around the Lake Maurepas as well as East Baton Rouge. LPBF has a swamp restoration program on the landbridge which will help the large-scale, long-term restoration in the Pontchartrain Basin. Working with local partners, LPBF has planted 32,100 trees on this bridge since 2014 resulting in 160 acres of swamp restoration. Right: Valero Volunteers Donald Mule, Rick Rykosky and Steve Ladner at the Maurepas Land Bridge tree planting project


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