Taking that energetic step into her ‘golden years’

Coming within sight of her “golden years,” Deborah Wells decided she wanted to enter them in good shape.

“I’m getting to retire in a year or so, and I’d like to go into my retirement feeling and looking reasonably good for my age,” said the St. Rose resident.

Fifty-eight years young, Wells started exercising and making lifestyle changes that promote her goal. She and nDurance trainer Moyer Hall regularly do the kind of workouts that have helped her lose weight and build muscle.

“I have a real physical job and it makes it much easier to be in shape,” Wells said of handling her work as a refinery operator. It’s what she’s done her entire career and wants to take whatever steps necessary for better health when she retires.

But her worries over health issues, as well as aging with those issues, all had her concerned and prompted her new direction in life.

Her goal was amply met with hard work and being consistent, dropping her weight from 220 pounds to 160 pounds. She was surprised to see the pounds come off so quickly with good eating habits and exercise.

“It’s a big lifestyle change, and you have to make time for you,” she said. “You have to make yourself go to the gym. It’s a personal choice.”

Wells emphasized the change comes with loving yourself enough to commit to a better lifestyle.

“I achieved my goal to be in better shape and much more content,” she said. “I feel good physically and mentally.”

She’s also seen exercise ease her need for high blood pressure medication, which is an accomplishment considering it runs in her family. Pre-diabetic from 2005 through 2015, Wells also saw it overcome years of anticipating onset of the disease.

“Time passes and it becomes a lifestyle,” she said of countering those years when she was overweight and ate poorly.

Sticking to it, however, has proven challenging since Wells does shift work. She’s working the night shift now, which makes it difficult to go to nDurance gym in Destrehen where she exercises, but she’s committed to her change and will return to her workouts as her schedule allows.

Additionally, Wells has other challenges. “You’re always thinking about food and I love to cook,” she said.

She found her way in cooking by using herbs for flavoring and cutting down on carb-heavy foods.

“It’s a great feeling mentally,” Wells said. “It definitely changes the way you think and feel about yourself, and look at life in general. Life is finite. It’s not infinite so you want to make the most of it.”


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