Ready for summer: El Paso’s salads are a healthy choice made fresh and authentic

El Paso Manager Hector Rodriguez displaying their salads each topped with grilled shrimp, steak and chicken.

Ornate with swirls of red onions, bright red tomatoes and topped with tantalizing grilled shrimp, steak or chicken, El Paso Mexican Grill in Luling offers healthier choices with their salads.

Assistant Manager Pilar Rodriguez said their two salads are avocado and chicken or Caesar salad. Their both presented with a healthy serving of greens topped with a grilled meat of choice – steak, chicken or shrimp. The meat is grilled with El Paso’s special seasonings, lending a unique and authentic flavor to their salads.

For vegans or just plain vegetable lovers, the meat can be substituted with grilled mushrooms.

Pilar said the avocado and chicken salad includes grilled chicken served over spinach including avocado, cucumbers, tomatoes and croutons. The customer chooses the dressing, which can include blue cheese, Thousand Island, balsamic vinegar or more.

The Caesar salad is classic with romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese, red onions and croutons. It is served with Caesar dressing.

If desired, either salad can be served with a side order of guacamole dip, which does add a few calories but is still a light dish.

This dip is made fresh daily. It includes avocado, Pico de Gallo (also made fresh) with tomato, onions, cilantro, jalapenos, topped with a twist of lime and touch of salt and pepper. If desired, the dip can be made at the table – ask for Guacamole on the Table.

Rodriguez said the dishes are tantalizing and more so when the customer can tailor either of these salads to taste.

These are eye appealing dishes with their flush of greens and finely shredded parmesan ready for the typically lighter summer fare.

According to Rodriguez, this is how they’ve catered to customers in the 27 years they’ve been in the food business.

Rodriguez said their dishes, whether salads or their standard menu, are all highlighted with freshly made, authentic recipes that include their beans, dips, rice and salsas.


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