Army veteran turns 101

Cooper and Harper Gréaud pose with their great-grandfather.

Joseph Perilloux Jr. reached a milestone on July 5 that few people live to see – he turned 101 years old.

“We are blessed to have Grandpa here to spend time with, listen to his stories, watch him adore his great-grandkids, and laugh about the miscommunications with him due to his hard of hearing,” Rebecca Gréaud, Perilloux’s granddaughter, said. “He’s always been a special man.”

Gréaud said that family members gathered on her grandfather’s birthday to grill his favorite foods and celebrate with a cake.

Timmy Perilloux said his father’s excellent health has meant he only started going to the doctor in the past few years.

“He started in the stock market at 95,” Timmy said chuckling. “He’s very old-school. He doesn’t have a cell phone…he has a house phone, but I don’t think he’s ever made a call on it. He’s had his pension check mailed to him every month for 50 years, and it would have liked to kill him when social security went to direct deposit.”

Joseph was drafted into the Army at 23 years old and trained for an invasion of Japan, which never happened. He was sent to the Philippines and from there was sent to Japan for the occupation of Japan. His service lasted nearly two years.

Joseph and his late wife Inez Madere Perilloux had three sons, and Joseph spent his career years at GATX, working at a car repair shop in Good Hope and then working construction in Norco.

“I still wish I was able to work like I have my whole life,” Joseph said.

Family members say that Joseph’s work ethic and devotion to his family have always been strong.

“He often talks about how much he would help my dad, Timmy, farm and wishes he could help now,” Gréaud said. “He can still do simple tasks such as cleaning shallots and his favorite – supervising.”

She added that once a week her grandfather drives to his home, about four miles away from where he’s been living since Hurricane Ida, and cuts the grass.

“I love Grandpa and he likes to see me dance and call me his ‘pretty little girl,’” Harper Gréaud, 3, said of her great-grandfather.

Cooper Gréaud, 6, is also fond of his great-grandfather.

“I love Grandpa and when he cheers for me while playing basketball,” he said.


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