MONEYTALK with St. Charles Parish’s Al Suffrin

If I save $1 a day when will I become a millionaire?

Dear Al: I’ll turn 15 on Dec. 5. If I save just $1 a day every day, when will I be able to retire as a millionaire?

And what’s the best place to put my money so I can retire in the least amount of time? Thanks!

– Millionaire Wannabe in Luling.

Dear Millionaire Wannabe:

If you save $1 dollar per day for 365 days per year and earn 8% on average per year you will be a millionaire, before taxes, in approximately 67.5 years.

The best place to initially invest your money is in an S&P 500 index fund (inexpensive and historical rate of return in excess of 8% per year); however, you may need at least $250 to initially invest.

Through the years as you get older, you may want to diversify into other types of mutual funds and later into bonds.


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