Memorial tournament draws 72 fishermen

The Fishing For Frankie Memorial Tournament took place last weekend and drew 72 fishermen and a crowd of about 250 people.

“It was a good turnout – I can’t thank everybody enough,” said Audrey Raziano, event organizer.

The event was founded to benefit Frankie Champagne Jr., a local man who was diagnosed with cancer. Although he passed away earlier this year, Raziano, his sister, is keeping his memory alive with the tournament.

First place in the fishing rodeo went to Shane Nadile and Jason Gagneaux whose total fish weight was 19.94 pounds with their biggest bass at 6.51 pounds.

Other winners included 2nd place to Greg Bourdonnay and David Bourdonnay with 15. 14 pounds of fish, 3rd place to Glenn Lorio and Carl Morvant with 11.5 pounds, 4th place to Joe Comeaux and Mark Deloach with 10.48 pounds, 5th place to Chesney Jones and Ernest Parquet with 10.42 pounds, 6th place to Dylan Poche and Tyler Laiche and 7th place to Buster Avera and Craig Thibodaux.

This year’s tournament benefited local man Michael Diaz Jr., who received a double lung transplant earlier this year. Diaz dedicated his life to helping others, serving as a United States Marine, protecting the country in the Army National Guard and keeping local streets safe as both a state trooper and police officer.

“Miguel and I were truly amazed by the fishing tournament. The food, the music, the auction, the rodeo itself and of course the fabulous people we met that were so very generous was truly overwhelming,” said Stacey Diaz, Michael’s mother. “Mike has a long road ahead of him, but that road was made easier when he saw the caring group of old and new friends who gathered to support and celebrate.

“Even though we never had the chance to meet Frankie Jr., we know by the family and friends he has that he must have been a very special person.”

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