Demise of the dollar one of issues on rise

It is depressing to watch the continued erosion of the proud currency that was once known as “King Dollar.” As this column is being written, it costs $1.50 to purchase one Euro, and the Canadian dollar-once the junior partner to the American dollar-now trades at $1.05. The dollar is suffering from two major factors: the continuing flood of debt caused by excessive federal spending and the Federal Reserve Board’s policies of pumping up the money supply and keeping interest rates excessively low.

Allen Lottinger

2 black candidates to vie for president?

There was one contender in the Republican presidential debate last week that stood out above all others. He was outspoken on just about every issue that faced the voters.
He was firm in his faith that federal government’s main job is to protect the lives and freedoms of its people. He opposed the largesse of government that interfered with the ability of its citizens to lead their own lives. He had a definite plan, called 9-9-9 that could eliminate our tax inequities.