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All Kinds of Finds owner Karen Guillot at her Luling shop.

The timeless appeal of soothing, organic colors and the ease of making them fit nearly any project is why All Kinds of Finds by Karen offers a new line of chalk paint called Jolie Home.

“It is a premiere paint suitable for multiple surfaces including furniture, metal, and offers beautiful colors,” said Karen Guillot, owner of the Luling shop.

Palace White, Dove Grey, Zen, Misty Cove and Eucalyptus are part of Jolie Home’s neutral collection, and five colors with a soft, muted appeal.

Guillot demonstrates the use of gilding.

“Neutrals. Neutrals. Neutrals,” Guillot said is the latest trend in color preferences for projects. “It’s timeless. It’s easy to accent with smaller pops of color. Neutrals provide a clean, simple look from which any décor can be individualized around.”

They don’t go out of style, she said. Neutral colors like whites and grays are popular in the kitchen, particularly in how they facilitate the surrounding décor.

“From season to season, you can change the accent color with accessories, décor items, pillows and simple lines,” Guillot said. “Minimalist and simple décor is a definite change.”

For home décor, cabinetry, front doors and furniture are the three main areas for painting. With cabinetry, it’s a natural choice for updating the look while keeping quality.

Guillot displays the paint colors available in the Jolie paint line.

Jolie paints make color mixing options endless and easy, she said.

Another added appeal of the line is the availability of the gallon size for larger projects. There are also brushes, waxes, colored waxes and embellishment products such as gilding waxes and papers.

The New Orleans-based Jolie Home line was launched in November of last year by founders Lisa and Scott Rickert and Lisa’s brother Jason Mobley, who specialize in the DIY furniture paint market. Their customer-focused boutique paint brand is sold worldwide.

“Minimalist and simple décor is a definite change.”  — Karen Guillot

The decorative paint is water-based and non-toxic, which requires little to no prep on most surfaces.

Jolie’s Serenity Collection offers five colors aimed at evoking “tranquility and comfort” inspired by nature, organic elements and feelings of calm.

This chair is brought back to life.

Visit Jolie Home at and take the style quiz.

Guillot’s shop, All Kinds of Finds by Karen, offers custom painting services with many of their projects being restoring cabinets and furniture. Private classes are also available to help with color mixing or embellishments demonstrations with accent colors available in gold, silver and copper.

“They want to keep quality furniture that has sentimental value and to update it for their current surroundings,” she said. “They’re either moving into a larger home or downsizing into smaller ones, but looking to update their décor.”

For Guillot, whether the customer wants a DIY project or it done, her passion for painting makes the work a pleasure.

“I paint because it’s relaxing to me,” she said. “It’s therapeutic. It’s also an art.”

The store is at 13425 River Road, Luling. To reach All Kinds of Finds, call (504) 756-1211.

Who is Jolie Home?

  • Founded in 2018 by Lisa and Scott Rickert and Lisa’s brother Jason Mobley.
  • Jolie Home is based in New Orleans and Melbourne, Australia, and sold worldwide.
  • Jolie Home has a sister company, Ave Home, with antique furniture.


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