Make any man fall in LOVE with you in 30 seconds flat

BOUTTE – You can make any man fall in love with you in 30 magical seconds, a fascinating new study shows. All it takes, Dr. Christiane Doemer told the Herald-Guide, is a single glance or a simple gesture to bring Cupid on the fly.

The scientist studied hundreds of men and women in social settings and found that savvy ladies can pick, choose and hook the man they want just by giving a few signals that men simply cannot resist.

“Within 30 seconds and frequently even sooner a woman can set the stage for a simple flirtation, long-term friendship or life-long marriage,” says the expert who from the Max Planck Institute in Munich, Germany.

“Don’t be fooled by what you’ve heard about men taking the initiative in romance. In fact, in the beginning stages of love, it’s always women – not men – who make the first moves.

“If you’re looking for love, this is extremely important to know. As a man you can watch for the signals and act upon them.

“If you are a woman, you can give the signals and then sit back and let the man come to you.”

Dr. Doemer says there’s nothing fancy about the body signals that set the stage for friendship and love.

A woman who is interested in a man should show her feelings by leaning forward, smiling and relaxing her body.

Once his interest is piqued, she should toss her hair and place one hand behind her neck.

As the man’s instincts – and hormones – kick in, the woman can “set the hook” by displaying open palms, tilting her head forward when talking, and touching him on the head, arm, or knee.

“What’s remarkable is how little men know about this sequence,” continues the expert. “Of course, maybe that’s why they find these signals so irresistible.

“From a woman’s perspective, the purpose of the signals is to help the man find the courage to engage her more deeply while THINKING that he is making the first move, which is so vitally important to a man’s ego.

“That’s why the woman must signal until he gets the message loud and clear. If a man is unsure of her interest, he won’t make his move or show his interest.

“Men are terrified of rejection. That’s why persistent women can catch any man they want simply by making him feel comfortable and confident.

“The signals do that.”


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