Lakewood’s Golden Gators

Lakewood’s Golden Gators
Lakewood’s Golden Gators

Congratulations to the following students for being chosen as Lakewood Elementary Golden Gators for the month of March.  Students are pictured from left to right:

Front row: Shayla Bourg, Jaylynn Todesco, Kaiden Bran, Cali Chapman, Ja’ron Myles, Ava Knowles, Chloe Sanchez, Nina Martinez and Peyton Guillory.

Middle row: James Franks, Sofie Daigle, Aubrey Landry, Carter Burns, Colby McCree, Payton Lotz, Allie Frickey, Corinne Fahrig, Kaitlyn Waits and A’Kyi Smith.

Top row: Jacques Broden, Alix Champagne, Julianna Longo, Shyah Moran, Kyla Dillenkoffer, Ava Knox, Sophie Touchard, Camryn Wilson, Janna Reilly, Dylan Miller and Orion Wilson.

Not pictured: Amelia Bull.

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