Lakewood Elementary students demonstrate technology in classroom

Brandi Landry’s fifth grade reading class using technology in the classroom.

They are shown incorporating student-led technology with a “Word of the Day” activity.  Each day, a student assumes the role of the teacher.

He or she selects a vocabulary word, writes it on the board, and then asks the class questions regarding that word.  The students have a copy of the “Word of the Day” form and are expected to complete it on their own. 

For each vocabulary word, students review syllables, definitions, part of speech, synonyms and antonyms.  They also write a sentence using the vocabulary word and practice writing it in cursive.  They take the leadership role and often have discussions when making connections to their lives and experiences.

Pictured are:  Maddi Folse (at the board), Monica Gullage, Noah Chauvin, Matthew Tardiff and An’Qounz Young.


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