German Farmers Market swap draws unique plants

It was as green an event as any plant lover could hope for with Saturday’s German Coast Farmers Market held Saturday in Destrehan.

Seven participants exchanged 11 plants in the Plant Exchange.

Roxanne Fisher, market public relations coordinator, said pllant types included Crinum lilly, Red Bird Cactus, Ruellia, Butterfly Iris and gingers.

The most unique plant was a Shampoo Ginger, grown by participant, Lorraine Roussel of Reserve. Roussel is a member of the LSU AgCenter River Region Louisiana Master Gardeners so will be a great resource.  She lives in Reserve.

“Lorraine purchased it from a place that specializes in ginger plants,” Fisher said. “It’s a beautiful plant and it’s most unique characteristic is that you can squeeze the cone and a very smooth, fragrant liquid pours out, which is actually an ingredient in many store-bought shampoos.”

Calling it a “very prolific plant,” Fisher added this novel beauty blooms in late summer and dies in the winter, but comes back every spring.

Participants came eager to tell about where there plants originated and how easy or difficult they were to grow, she said. They saw the event as a means of building community, sharing ideas, relaxing and socializing with others who shared their love for horticulture.

One of the most creative offerings was a Japanese ball garden.  Exchange participant Jamie Hue learned about the idea on Pinterest and used the hardy and succulent Hens and Chicks plant, coupled with a flowering cactus, to create the perfect balance for a cascading hanging plant.

Participants consulted with LSU Master Gardeners. Fisher said plant exchange participation has grown over the years, largely as a result of the Master Gardeners having a booth at the Farmers Market at least once a month to give gardening advice and tips to patrons.


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