Farmers’ Market giving free trees for Arbor Day

Communities where many good trees have been established and more are being planted demonstrate a feeling of continuity with the past and anticipation for the future.

Trees that have been properly selected, placed and cared for are an indication of a community’s or homeowner’s pride in their environment.

Citizens are quick to point out to visitors and tourists the districts, parks, campuses and other areas where old trees survive as the most beautiful parts of their community.

Cities and towns where beautiful trees are abundant have a character all their own of which their citizens may be justly proud.

The value of a tree is closely associated with its relation to its environment.

This value may be affected by the variety, placement, age and proximity of trees of equal merit and even such considerations as historical or sentimental associations.

Properly selected trees carefully placed around our homes can make our indoor and outdoor environments much more livable and pleasant.

They can cut the cost of energy, serve as filters for dusty areas, and as effective wind breaks during the winter.

Trees even help to reduce noise.

Trees are probably one of the biggest bargains in our environment.

Since considerable time is required to produce a tree of useful size, it is helpful to plant them as soon as possible and to select adapted varieties that fill one’s specific needs.

Since winter is the perfect time for planting trees in Louisiana, it is for that reason Louisiana celebrates National Arbor Day during the month of January.

In commemorating this special event, the German Coast Farmers’ Market will be giving away free trees to the public during the Saturday market on January 21 and at the Wednesday market on January 25.

Seedling species that include a variety of oaks and pine trees will be available. Be a part of the celebration and plant a tree to enjoy it now and well into the future.


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